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Commercial Loss Restoration

4/15/2021 (Permalink)

Commercial restoration loss to your business? No need to wait call SERVPRO of Klamath and Lake Counties for all your restoration needs. With 24 hour assistance at your fingertips with just one call. SERVPRO of Klamath and Lake Counties is available to any Fire, Water, Sewage, Covid cleanings, Mold remediation, Rebuilds, and even Asbestos testing. Each and every customer is extremely important to us and making sure each customer is taking care from start to finish is our goal. For any questions on commercial restoration call SERVPRO of Klamath and Lake Counties today.


Can your Business File A Clam For Smoke Damage With Your Insurance Carrier?

4/15/2021 (Permalink)

Did your commercial building or the suite next to yours recently have a fire and now you smell smoke or have smoke related damage?  Is smoke damage a covered loss on your commercial insurance policy?  We recommend that you contact your insurance carrier so you can learn more about what you need to know about smoke claims.

Soot Damage and Insurance

Good news is that in most cases, damage from smoke will be covered under your commercial insurance policy.  Remember the sooner you act upon following these steps, could help improve the restoration of your property to its pre-damaged condition.  Your preparedness could also help with your insurance company getting quick approval on your claim.

  • Get in touch with your insurance company or agent and file a claim, report the smoke damage.
  • Call a professional smoke cleanup company to help assess your loss and provide details of the cleanup process.
  • Take photos of any damaged items, and documents, receipts for any repairs that need to be performed.
  • Know that your insurance company will send an adjuster to survey the damage.     
  • Know that your insurance company will require proof that the money they pay you will be going towards your restoration and repair.     

Smoke damage claims and the efforts to communicate with your adjuster may be challenging.  However, if you have done your due diligence in following these steps, your post-fire experience can be a positive one.

SERVPRO of Klamath and Lake Counties is here to help you painlessly deal with the fire damage, the soot damage or the smoke damage. Call us at: 541-363-0800.

Call SERVPRO For Any Commercial Loss

3/30/2021 (Permalink)

When a disaster hits your business SERVPRO OF KLAMATH AND LAKE COUNTIES  is the way to go.

24 hour services for any-




-Covid Cleanings



SERVPRO of  Klamath and Lake Counties is faster to any disaster and it is extremely important to us each and every customer is taken care of during such a tough time. Many questions will be asked and maybe even many times it's to make sure we completely understand the loss severity, and to make sure we know to let everyone one the crew know what to expect to get you taken care of. Don’t wait to call if you have any of these home or commercial emergencies.

SERVPRO OF Klamath and Lake Counties at 

(541) 773-3740

Changes in General Liability Insurance Regarding Sick Buildings

3/30/2021 (Permalink)

Be Aware Of The Changes In General Liability Coverage And Terms Often Used To Exclude Mold Claims.

An increase in mold insurance claims and litigation has led to changes in most commercial general liability policies over the years. Primarily, these changes have been instituted to reduce premiums and eliminate most mold coverage. Typically, these issues are grouped in with sick structure exposures, a term used to describe normal business risks and contractor responsibility. As a commercial operator, you should be aware of the changes in general liability coverage, and terms often used to exclude mold claims.

1. Pollution Exclusion

Most insurers will view a mold claim as an environmental or toxic tort claim, meaning that mold falls under the pollution exclusion. While there are arguments to be made about the validity of mold as a pollutant under the standard definitions, there is currently no dissenting or judicial opinion as to the applicability of the exclusion for the claims.

2. Business Risk

Many mold insurance claims are rejected because they are deemed a business risk issue, meaning that the fungus is a result of poor quality or craftsmanship. These exclusions lay the blame on property owners or contractors, and stipulate that the responsibility for repair is theirs.

3. Fungi or Bacteria Exclusion Endorsement

The Fungi or Bacteria Exclusion Endorsement is an amendment to many commercial general liability policies. This endorsement excludes the costs associated with mold cleanup and remediation. It also eliminates personal injury.

4. Limited Fungi and Bacteria Coverage Endorsement

While most policy changes have meant bad news for mold claims, the Limited Fungi and Bacteria Coverage Endorsement means that property owners may have some relief from mitigation costs. This endorsement may cover some of the expenses associated with mold remediation in the Jackson County, Oregon area. However, the aggregate limit is likely lower than previously offered.

Before submitting mold insurance claims, review your policy and take note of any of the above changes. While insurers are looking for ways to reduce exposure to fungi and bacteria demands, there may still be endorsements that can help. Reach out to your insurance company and discuss the coming changes and your concerns.

Why to choose SERVPRO of Klamath and Lake Counties for your home and commercial jobs?

3/18/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Klamath and Lake Counties are always ready to help, 24 hour services during any water, fire, mold, and reconstruction emergency, big or small. You will actually speak with a live staff member no matter the time of day who is always ready to help you the best they can. We want to keep you updated and aware of each and every step of the process, to restore your property how it was before.

 We would like to take the time to understand each and every emergency situation and make it our biggest priority. When you call we will ask several questions regarding the damage of this event, to fully determine what equipment and resources to bring, including how many trained SERVPRO professionals we may need to complete the job.

 Our workers will work fast and efficiently and make sure it is done the SERVPRO way. Our workers are highly trained in each and every emergency situation and willing to work until the job is completed.

Call for assistants at: 541-773-3740

Commercial Loss?

3/16/2021 (Permalink)

Commercial loss? No time to wait, call SERVPRO of Klamath/Lake Counties.

SERVPRO of Klamath/Lake Counties is open 24/7 for all your Commercial losses. Each loss is very important to us and we want to make sure we completely understand each and every detail to help you through this bump in your business. We can help in any water, fire, mold, sewage, Covid, and reconstruction emergency. When you call we ask multiple questions revolving around the loss to make a comprehensive plan that both the customer and SERVPRO can understand.

 Call your local SERVPRO today to learn what we can do for you during your commercial emergency.

Call SERVPRO of Klamath/ Lake Counties at 541-773-3740